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If you own a copyright registered with the U.S. Copyright Office (or for which an application for registration has been filed) for a musical composition that Spotify USA Inc. (“Spotify”) made available for interactive streaming and/or limited downloading between December 28, 2012 and June 29, 2017, and you contend that Spotify did so without a license, you may file an electronic claim to benefits on this site. Please begin your claim by clicking the Start Your Claim button below.

Before you start to file a claim, please read about the third-party Settlement Claim Facilitator below, and take a moment to review your filing options to decide how you would like to proceed.

Royalty Review Council (“RRC”) is the third-party service provider retained by Class Counsel to act as the Settlement Claim Facilitator to assist Class Members with the completion and submission of a Claim Form.

Through the Settlement Claim Facilitator Webpage (“Portal”) developed by RRC, you can locate and identify tracks embodying works that were made available on Spotify’s service during the Class Period. You will also be able to search the US Copyright Office database to obtain the copyright registration numbers for those works needed to submit a claim.

You can access the Portal here.

Class Counsel strongly encourages you to utilize the Portal since it can greatly assist you in submitting a claim. You can compile and download the track and copyright information you need for your claim online through the Portal, and export a spreadsheet to upload with your claim back on this Settlement Claims Webpage.

Already have the exported spreadsheet from the Portal? Click here for instructions on how to file your works in bulk using this Claims Webpage.

You can find more information about how to file a claim here.

You can also print and mail in a claim form. You can find it here.